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Get an Effective, Affordable, and Fun preschool education from the convenience and safety of your home.

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"As a 'non-techy' mom, I was worried about online education, but Cloud Kidz makes it so easy!"

Join hundreds of families trusting cloud kidz for at home education

Cloud Kidz is the only live online preschool program that specializes in schooling 2-6 year olds from home!

A bubbly and entertaining teacher, along with other children your child's age meet daily on Zoom to do Circle Time, sing, dance, and learn their preschool foundational skills to prepare for Kindergarten.

Your teacher will email you a weekly curriculum which includes a daily class description along with worksheets to bring to class for hands-on learning!

Class is at 3:30pm EST (convert to your time zone). If you can't make it the live class, we also email daily recordings to enjoy and follow on-demand!

Millions of Parents are turning to Homeschool and Online Programs to provide an affordable, flexible and safe solution to educate their children

Preschool is expensive! Families pay $1000s per month for school around the United States. However, the reality is 3 to 5 year olds can only handle about 1 hour of structured learning everyday.

Not all families need or want the extra childcare you pay at conventional preschool. In 2023, there's a better way! Cloud Kidz provides a great preschool education without the extra costs, making preschool affordable for everyone!

Join our Interactive Teachers LIVE on Zoom, making Class full of Fun and Learning with Friends ❤️

Bring structure and routine to your home with a consistent teacher and classmates joining your child LIVE for 1 hour of interactive learning on Zoom! We provide the curriculum, worksheets, friends, teacher, and fun!

Meet your Teachers!

Teacher Jazmine

Jazmine is our very own Disney super star at Cloud Kidz Preschool. Her engaging teaching style makes children feel like they are interacting with a star! Ms. Jazmine builds her students' literacy, math, writing, and problem solving skills all while having a blast. Students will dance, raise their hands, and try new things to build their excitement and love for learning.

Teacher Marinelle

Marinelle’s teaching style is fun for both parents and students with a virtual classroom full of laughter and learning. Children can't wait to return to class to do their fun hands-on science, art, and math activities. Learning phonics has never been so easy and silly than with Marinelle! Stories, puppets and games fill each class to learn preschool foundational skills.

Cloud Kidz makes a great education possible for every child. No need to worry if you miss class, we email you everyday the class recordings so you can do them anytime on-demand that week!

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Live & online Monday - Friday

Students meet their teacher and classmates live on Zoom daily, Monday - Friday (refer to your time zone below):

- 12:30pm - 1:30pm PST

- 2:30pm - 3:30pm CST

- 3:30pm - 4:30pm EST

Worksheets & printouts for class

✏️ A structured Preschool Curriculum describing what is going to be taught daily will be provided to parents every week (Friday night).

✏️ We design our curriculum weekly based on how the students are learning best, what they need to improve, what they enjoy, and what they have mastered. No cookie cutter approach, it is adapted to the student's actual needs.

✏️ Printout exercises are included in the curriculum email to bring to class for hands-on learning.

✏️ A simple list of household materials will also be noted to bring for class (things you can get at your local dollar store).

Learn Preschool foundations

✏️ Children learn Preschool foundations: ABCs, 123s, Phonics, Math, Tracing & Writing, Shapes, Colors, Art, Science, and Social Studies each week.

✏️ Our Preschool program is for children 3 to 5 years old. At this age, 1 hour of learning daily is plenty to prepare them for Kindergarten!

✏️ Our Program prepares your child for Kindergarten, builds their confidence, and excitement to learn. They will hit the ground running once they enter Kidnergarten!

Access Class recordings

If you can't make it to your live class, dont worry! Class recordings are emailed to you everyday, so you won't miss any learning with our on-demand option.

Class Details

✏️ You have one class daily (Monday - Friday) from our program.

✏️ Microphones for students remain on mute, and the teacher will interact with the children by asking them questions, encouraging them by name, guiding them through activities, and giving them shoutouts!

✏️ Class sizes are not limited that way we flexibly allow students to attend as much or as little as they would like.

✏️ You may attend part-time or full-time as the curriculum each day is stand alone. If you miss a class, you can still do class on-demand that week, or you can just attend the next day you're available. Your child will be on track regardless if you attend part-time or full-time!

Friends & Community!

✏️ We're so lucky to have incredible teachers who love what they do! They're great at getting (even the shyest) kids dancing on their feet, participating, and excited to learn.

✏️ Your child will be greeted by a consistent teacher daily and will also see peers their age participating in class along with them.

✏️ Your child's preschool experience doesn't have to end after the daily 1 hour class! Our students and families post pictures, videos, and questions in our private Facebook Group about their child's work, questions for other mom's or their teachers, and experiences in class. Teachers and fellow moms, dads & grandmas comment on each other's posts building a sense of community and friendship among the Cloud Kidz Preschool student body. Click here to join our Facebook Group.

Holiday Closures

We are a real preschool in California with real classrooms and teachers! We follow a traditional school holiday schedule. On the following dates we are closed and will not have live classes. Tuition / fees are not prorated during holiday closures (they go towards your teachers' holiday time off - just like in a real school). We do provide activity packets during holidays (optional activities for children to do).

There will be no live classes on the following 2023 holidays (activity packets will be emailed): January 2 & 16, February 20, April 10 - 14, May 29, June 19, July 4, July 18 – July 31, September 4, October 9, November 10, November 22 – 24, December 18 – December 31.

Our structured preschool curriculum, daily worksheets, and bubbly & engaging preschool teachers will keep your child entertained and prepare them for Kindergarten. Students meet on Zoom daily!

Any questions?

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What is class like?

A: Class is about 1 hour long and students and teachers meet live using the free Zoom app. If you can't make it to our daily live class at 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST, then you can watch class on-demand (anytime that week) at your convenience. 

Class is fun, exciting, and full of learning. Your child's teacher is bubbly and a blast! She will lead your child through a Circle Time learning activity the first half of class (about 35 minute) and after a short 5 minute break, class will continue with a hands-on project (about 25 minutes). We will sing songs, dance, learn ABCs, phonics, 123s, sight words, math, tracing / writing, science, and art! 

How do I join class?

A: We will email you weekly with a unique set of Zoom links to join class each day, Monday - Friday. If you can't make it to class during the daily live 2:15pm EST session, no problem! We will record class each day for you to do anytime that week!

How big are classes?

A: We do not limit the number of students that may attend our virtual classroom. The number of students in class varies daily depending on the attendance that day. 

Can my child speak during class?

A: Children's mics are inactive during class. Teachers will ask students one-sided questions, provide directions and encouragement during activities, and give shoutouts during each class so children feel seen and engaged. Students will be able to respond with thumbs up, showing their answer, pointing, clapping, and dancing with their teacher. All students will be on mute the entire class.

What if I can't make it to the live class?

A: Not to worry! We record our live class daily so you can still watch and learn from class at your convenience. We save your class recordings to watch on-demand until Sunday of each week. 

What do I bring to class?

A: We will email you every Friday the upcoming week's class information. It will include a description of class each day, what materials we recommend you bring, and a few printouts.

Feel free to be creative with your materials (we get our supplies from our local dollar store). If you don't have access to a printer, you can also sketch the printouts yourself. Although you are not required to bring the materials to attend class, we do recommend bringing the materials so your child has a more engaging and hands-on learning experience. 

Cancellation Policy?

We are a month to month program, so your membership auto-renews every 30 days, and you can contact us anytime to cancel so your membership does not continue to renew if you decide to stop.

Is it too late to start this time of year?

No! We are a year round preschool with a few short holiday closures for our teachers' time off. Our program is specifically designed to allow for rolling admissions which means you child can join anytime and will still learn all of their foundational skills, regardless of their start date.

Is this a good program for homeschooling?

Absolutely! We have many different families in our program, some families use our program as their primary educational solution for homeschooling their 2-6 year old, other parents user our program to prepare their child before they start at an in-person preschool or kindergarten program.

We also have parents just looking to find new and interesting activities to keep their child busy with during the day.

We also welcome parents that independently homeschool their children and want to use our program to provide additional elements of fun to their child's day, by changing up the pace, doing different hands-on projects, interacting with a new teacher outside of mom and dad, and seeing other children their age doing activities together with them.

Art, science, hands-on projects, social studies. Class is a blast!

For Fun Activities or School?

Both! Some families join us to give their child fun activities to do each day and keep them busy.

Other families are enrolled in our program as their primary preschool solution. These are stay-at-home mom's, homeschooling families, parents stuck on a waitlist for preschool or kindergarten, or families who can't afford the expensive price tag of traditional preschool.

Children at this age (2-6 years old) only need up to 1 hour of education time, they don't need more than that!

We welcome all children to enjoy preschool with us!